Virtual Events

Offering the same level of care, attention, and professionalism as a traditional in-person event, QUT Venue Collection can facilitate a wide range of cost-effective virtual or hybrid events using industry-leading technology broadcast safely and securely from our world-class event spaces. Virtual events exist wholly online (e.g. a webinar), while hybrid events are a combination of physical and virtual elements (e.g. a livestreamed event).

Using our logistical and technical expertise, we can take your event online using a number of different methods, including:

  • Virtual events

Reaching a large number of people anywhere in the world, Virtual Events include meetings, conferences and seminars. Virtual events can include registrations, secure access, Q&As, concurrent sessions, breakout rooms and event recording.

  • Webinars or webcasts

A live, web-based video conference or broadcast (webcast) to share information by connecting with individual or multiple participants.

  • Livestreaming and recording

Live-stream your event to websites or social media, or record your event for re-use post your event.

  • Video conferencing

Make use of our facilities and technology to connect with your organisation, clients or industry through video conference.

  • Event production

Our professional technical team can facilitate the broadcast of a range of on-site events, including product launches, meetings and ceremonies, or even small theatre productions.